Las Cuevas de los Rajahs

Located in the winding streets of El Gotico, in the heart of Barcelona, Las Cuevas de los Rajahs invites you to enjoy incredible cocktails in Gaudi inspired surroundings with both an intimate upstairs bar and bustling underground sports and events room.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 7pm-3am.

Upcoming Events

  1. 02 Thursday
    21:30 - 23:59
    Disco Night MeetUp
    20:00 - 23:59
    Language Exchange
  2. 03 Friday
    21:00 - 23:59
    Live Music
  3. 04 Saturday
    21:00 - 23:59
    Comedy in English
  4. 07 Tuesday
    20:00 - 23:59
    Be Bartender for the night and get FREE cocktail!
  5. 08 Wednesday
    21:00 - 23:59
    Open Mic/Micro Abierto
  6. 10 Friday
    21:00 - 23:59
    Live Music
  7. 11 Saturday
    21:00 - 23:59
    Comedy in English

Try Secret Garden, our cocktail of the month for only €6

AND! 25% off cocktails every Friday
and Saturday from 20:00h until 22:30h

  1. What’s Kraken

    10 €

    Inspired by the classic Espresso Martini. Perfectly balanced with: Kraken dark rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur and a shot of Espresso. Sure to give you that “pick me up” you need.

  2. Smokey Pancho Villa

    9 €

    Join the revolution!

    Mezcal, Monkey Shoulder, fresh lemon juice, ginger algave, egg white. Shaken, strained and finished with a smokey salt rim for that explosive taste!Viva Mexico!

  3. El Diablo

    9 €

    Feeling naughty?

    Fresh muddled Lime topped with: ginger ale blackcurrant liqueur and a devilish amount of tequila!

  4. Rentap

    9 €

    All aboard the Pineapple Express!

    White rum, citrus vodka, fresh lemon and pineapple juice. Balanced with: passionfruit syrup, and a dash of grapefruit bitters. No passport required!

  5. Spring Break

    9 €

    A little bit of heaven and a little Bit of HELL YEAH!

    Hendricks gin, fresh ginger, mint, cucumber, a squeeze of lemon, kiwi syrup, topped with angostura bitters and tonic water. PARTY ON!

  6. El Condenado

    9 €

    For the serious drinkers out there.

    100% Kentucky bourbon cynar, Antica Formula, fine sherry, grapefruit bitters and smoked with exotic palo santo. Bartenders choice

  7. The Queen Mary

    9 €

    Set sail with us on our exotic

    Take on the classic Bloody Mary. Mixed with our secret spices. Guaranteed to cure that hangover!

  8. Pearl Jam

    9 €

    Feel “Alive” and jam out with this gin and apricot infused cocktail.

    Blended with some rocking Brandy and egg white. Guaranteed to get you head Banging!

  9. Children of the Popcorn

    9 €

    Missed dessert? No problem.

    Spiced rum, butterscotch syrup, chocolate bitters, vanilla ice cream topped with coloured pop-corn. Sit back and enjoy! Rated R

  10. Coconut Mojito

    8 €

    Our twist of the Mojito you know

    We go with: Malibu rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, Angostura Bitters topped with Caribbean ginger beer. A real thirst quencher!

  11. Gangster no.1

    8 €

    Feeling tough tonight?

    #1 Premium Vodka, pimped by Bianco Vermouth, vanilla extract. With a Hit of angostura bitters. “Say hello to my little friend”

  12. Dayak’s Daiquiri

    8 €

    Weather too hot? Cool down with our own take on the classic frozen Daiquiri.

    We have replaced: The rum with citrus vodka and apricot liqueur. Mixed with mouthwatering fresh watermelon topped with orange flower water and seasonal garnish. It’s that good, be careful not to get brain freeze!

  13. Cool Copa Cabana

    8 €

    Try not to fall in love, with 0ur own take on the classic Caipirinha.

    Authentic cachaca, freshly squeezed lime with our homemade citrus syrup, topped with lemonade and blackberry liqueur. Sing us the chorus of the song and get 10% of your next drink!

  14. Alpaca Pisco Sour

    8 €

    Alpaca your bags with this one.

    Traditional pisco sour with a touch of Italy. Peruvian pisco, fresh lemon juice, pasteurised egg white and Maraschino liqueur garnished with our favourite girl rosemary

  15. French Kiss

    8 €

    Feeling Romantic?

    Take your taste buds on a pleasure cruise of Tanqueray gin, elderflower liqueur and fresh apple juice. Shaken with egg white and topped with a sprinkle of apple dust, This is one kiss to remember!

  16. The White Rajah

    8 €

    Our oriental twist on the Moscow Mule

    Muddled figs, vodka, Lychee liqueur. Topped with ginger ale and garnished with lychee and smoked cardamom infused orange peel

  17. Sangria

    8 €

    A classic or cava Sangria to share with your friends.

    Served in a giant skull filled with fresh fruit.. For 3-4 persons

Wine and Beer

Red Wine



2016 Tibera Del Duero
4,20 €16 €

White Wine


L’olivera Blank de Sere

Costers del Segre
4,20 €16 €




21 €



Codorníu 1551 Brut

3,50 €

Cinzano Pro-Spritz

16 €


Bucket (x5)Bottle

Estrella Galicia

14 €3 €


17 €4 €

Pale Ale


Barcelona Beer

4,50 €

Gotic Ale

4 €

Bogotell Blonde

4,50 €

Gracia Amber Ale (gluten free)

3,75 €

Raval IPA

3,50 €

Classic Cocktails and Spirits

Classic Cocktails


Old Fashioned

9 €

Classic Martini

9 €


7 €

Dark and Stormy

8 €

Aperol Spritz

6 €

Whisky Sour

8 €


8 €


8 €

Mai Tai

9 €



Bombay Gin / House

7 €

Bombay Sapphire

8 €


8 €


9 €


10 €


10 €


12 €



Jose Cuervo / White and Gold

7 €

Don Julio

9 €



Point one / House

7 €


8 €


10 €



In 1838, British adventurer JAMES BROOKE arrived in Sarawak, to find the Sultan of Brunei fending off rebellion from warlike inland tribes. Brooke pacified the natives, including the Dayaks, who became some of his most loyal followers.



As a reward for helping the Sultan of Brunei fight piracy and insurgency among the indigenous peoples, he was granted the landmass of Sarawak in 1841 and given the title of Rajah.



During his time of Rajah of Sarawak, Brooke faced threats from warriors like Sharif Masahor and his adversary, Rentap. An uprising by Liu Shan Bang in 1857 was also quashed and he remained in power until his death in 1868. Under James Brooke’s rule, piracy and headhunting were banned and law and order enforced.

Charles Anthoni Johnson


Charles Anthoni Johnson, ruled as the head of state of Sarawak from 3 August 1868 until his death. He succeeded his uncle, James Brooke, as the second White Rajah of this small country on the coast of Borneo.

Charles Vyner Brooke


Charles Vyner de Windt Brooke was the third and last White Rajah of Borneo.

Las Cuevas de los Rajahs


Taking it’s name from the unique history of the Brooke family


La Rambla


Un escondite en el Gótico repleto de tesoros

Buenos cocktails, música en vivo y espectáculos en directo en la cueva más misteriosa de Barcelona.

Las Cuevas de los Rajahs (carrer d’en Gignàs, 2) es un cocktail bar situado en el Barrio Gótico de Barcelona que fusiona la genialidad de Gaudí con el misterio del Lejano Oriente. Un rincón con encanto en el que destaca su decoración, la oferta de cocktails, la oferta de espectáculos y la posibilidad de disfrutar de los encuentros deportivos más emocionantes.

Barcelona Metropolitan


Open Mic Night at Las Cuevas de los Rajahs

Step into the spotlight of Las Cuevas every Wednesday at Open Mic! Singers, songwriters or anyone who can play instruments are invited to join our Open Mic and interact with amazing artists throughout the night! 1 Free drink for each artist plus you get the opportunity to be selected to perform in our bar on a Friday Night as a one man show!

un buen dia en bcn


Bienvenidos al renovado ‘bar de todo’ del Gótico

Cócteles, innovación, música, estalactitas, Gaudí y diversión. Son seis palabras que me he tomado el gusto de escoger para definir el concepto de este peculiar bar. Y es que aquello de ‘Bares, ¡qué lugares!’ no puede ser más acertado cuando hablamos de Las Cuevas de los Rajahs. Sin duda, uno de los bares con mayor carácter y originalidad de toda Barcelona. Y desde UBDEB, te contamos el por qué.



Walked past this place a few times in the day and didn’t think anything of it, it comes alive at night! Great bar, great atmosphere, they serve such a good espresso martini. Run by an Argentinian/English guy who was super friendly, really good service, reasonably priced. A nice hidden gem, will definitely go back!


Great little spot to grab a drink. The owner is great and the staff is super friendly. They have shows from time to time. It’s a great atmosphere to just hang out grab a snack and have a few sippy sips. The mojitos are pretty good too.


Amazing atmosphere and great drinks. Had the White Rajah. Operator is fantastic and friendly. Highly recommend grabbing a drink and hanging out here.

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